After spending three days with Ruby, your world will be rocked. You won’t believe how much your life can be transformed, just like Ruby transformed her own life.

Every attendee will receive their own copiesof Ruby’s most powerful ideas, actions plans and resources.

Ruby will bring you her own true-life examples as a as a blueprint for How To… as well as How NOT to run your business.

You will walk away with the most amazing templates, checklists and fill-in the blank assessments.  You will leave Las Vegas knowing EXACTLY what you need to do to create the business you have always dreamed of.

The materials from
The Beauty Business Summit are worth their weight in gold! But that’s not all you receive!
Who wouldn’t want to learn from this woman?! But it’s not just Ruby that makes this weekend amazing. You are going to spend the weekend fully submerged with 300 like-minded entrepreneurs, diving deep into the creative process, brainstorming, and creating your path to riches.

There will be so many powerful resources at your disposal. The possibilities are endless!

What makes this event more powerful is that many of the ideas that Ruby gives are lessons that you can immediately apply to your life as soon as you get home.

One of the greatest advantages of
The Beauty Business Summit is the powerful relationships that Ruby has built with major influencers in the beauty business.

And many of them will be on hand to offer input and provide services that might just be the missing link in your business.
We are creating a special exhibit space so you can get to know them, network with them, and discover what they have to offer. We are also attracting an amazing list of talented sponsors, whose special gifts and insights will add that finishing touch to an already amazing weekend.
The Beauty Business Summit will have a profound effect on all those who attend. Ruby will Guide You to Your Own Business Success! Join us for 3 full days with non-stop access to Ruby herself! No other business mentor will take you by the hand and guide you down the path to success the way that Ruby will do!

Ruby’s own personal journey from bankruptcy to millionaire is an awe inspiring story that will keep the audience on the edge of their seat as she shares the simple step-by-step path to riches with you.

Ruby is commitmented to your success.
As the owner of the Ruby Makeup Academy, she graduates 1,200 students a year. This year she has decided to take her experience as an educator to a whole new level: Educating the business owners and budding entrepreneurs.

She will blow your mindwith a simple success plan that you can copy to start making more money tomorrow!
"Ruby Makeup Academy is a company with the heart and passion to change lives. We believe within every person is the power, passion and potential to be, have, or create whatever they want. Our mission is to help them live it... Starting with you!"
Ruby Polanco - Makeup Artist and President of Ruby Makeup Academy

As the owner of Ruby makeup Academy, she has been recognized for the past two years by INC Magazine as being one of the fastest growing businesses in America! Just this year she was named by INC Magazine to these lists of ground breaking female entrepreneurs:

The 50 Fastest-Growing Women-Led Private Companies in America:

The 10 Fastest-Growing Women-Led Private Companies in Los Angeles:

Inspiring Latina: Meet Ruby Polanco, Founder of Ruby Makeup Academy

From High School Dropout to Owner of a $2 Million Business

Her ground-breaking ideas and step-by-step action plans will help you to transform your business and create the life of your dreams!

The Beauty Business Summit was created from her commitment to help EVERY business owner who is willing to work and take action in order to create the life of their dreams.
🗸 Get Clear
🗸 Vision
🗸 Message
🗸 Brand
🗸 Get visible
🗸 Get creative with your marketing
🗸 Create raving fans
🗸 Create presence
🗸 Get Consistent Cash Flow
🗸 With my sales systems
🗸 And grow your business by 500%
Beauty Business Summit
The Beauty of Business
Ruby Polanco (CEO at Ruby Makeup Academy Located in LosAngeles  ( wanted to create an education forum with some of the most influential business gurus in the industry and give the attendees a 3 day experience focused on mind set, growth and profit, teaching some of the techniques that only the top 1% business owners in the country use to grow their companies. She wanted to create an education forum that didn’t involve walking the trade show floor day after day, spending money on cosmetics and hair tools!

And so….
The Beauty Business Summit was born!

It’s a 3 day education event that focused on education and growth for entrepreneurs that are in, or want to be in the business of beauty.

The Beauty Business Summit provides the step-by-step ideas, resources and action plans so anyone can take the information back home and step up their business to a whole new level of success!

Ruby Polanco came to this country, from Honduras, as a child, got married as a teenager, learned to speak English, got divorced as a teenager, spent her life as a single mom, working 2-3 jobs to support her son and going to college. It took her 12 years to get her Bachelor’s Degree in Business but she never gave up! Persistence is the greatest key to success.

Ruby’s Beauty Business Summit Team is happy to answer any questions you have about the event, registration, sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities.

We are working to make the Beauty Business Summit the best event that you’ve ever attended. We want to be sure that you come back year after year and bring your friends!
PHONE: 818-696-1410

APRIL 20-22, 2018. DALLAS, TX
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